Island of the marine currents

On the Island of Currents, today there is nothing particular, except for an abandoned military outpost with a lighthouse and a beautiful cliff, as well as low and sparse wild vegetation. However, the beauty lies in the idea that this island, located in front of the southernmost part of Sicily, serves as a symbolic watershed between the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea: a similar sensation to standing on the Prime Meridian with one foot on each side.

The Island of Currents is a small, round-shaped island, covering approximately 10,000 square meters and reaching a maximum height of 4 meters above sea level. Connected to Portopalo by a slender strip of stone, it captivates with its wild and unspoiled beauty. Within the island, the few signs of human presence include a picturesque lighthouse, a small disused military structure, and a few houses where the lighthouse keeper and his family once resided. The currents generated by the meeting of the seas create ripples and ever-changing colors… hence the name ‘Island of Currents.

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